Building Project Details

Land Port of Entry, Calais, Maine

CHA was the construction manager for the new $64 million, LEED Gold, 100,000 sq. ft. land port of entry in Calais, Maine. This project involved multiple uses inside the building and sophisticated MEP and security systems.

Land Port of Entry, Calais, Maine

Project Highlights

The new land port of entry in Calais, Maine, which opened in December 2009, is located on a 53-acre site. It replaces the commercial functions of two existing Calais border stations. The new facility consists of approximately 100,000 sq. ft. with canopies and includes a main administration building with a passenger lobby, document processing area, administrative offices, interview, search and detention cells, staff services, building support areas and a counter-terrorism suite. There are separate bays for primary inspection for non-commercial traffic and commercial traffic, a secondary non-commercial garage with three enclosed inspection garages and one enclosed bus bay. There is also a commercial inspection building, a firearms certification range with six firing lanes, and a vehicle and cargo inspection facility.


US General Services Administration


Calais, ME


$64 Million


100,000 sq. ft.